“It is very interesting to see the development of the RespAct team. They are using a lot of methods that are common in the world of tech and start-up companies, but not in NGOs working in the education sector”, UX mentor Ben explains at the Launchpad.

Our experience at Google Launchpad 2016 was incredibly energizing for our team. The day long workshop offered new and more efficient tools for us to consider when designing welcome classes on social innovation and technical know-how.

IMG_3632  IMG_3537
The CamP Group team at Google Launchpad 2016 (Pics: CamP Group gGmbH)

As a team, we’re always interested to find new ways to increase and track the impact of our programs and working with other social-impact companies was a definite highlight. Together we took our ideas on innovative tools and technical support that promotes the development of educational materials to the next level. All of this brainwork and planning will help us to move forward on our plans to develop a tool that helps migrant children in welcome classes to learn German.

Our goal is to integrate German-language learning with elements of sports and play. After the session with Google Launchpad we are ready to move onto the next step of designing what that tool will look like.

In order to meet the needs of teachers and students with our tool several interviews were conducted. We want to understand what challenges and difficulties teachers experience while teaching welcome classes and which tools would help them the most. We’re particularly interested in speaking with teachers on how sports and games can be incorporated into existing lesson plans.

These are the types of questions that our team will be exploring in the coming months as we get into the hard work of innovating on educational tools that will help children and adolescents to adjust to life in Germany.

Technical innovation for welcome classes at Google Launchpad 2016