Local non-profit organisations who are engaged in fighting economic and social problems in Kreuzberg are facing more and more the challenge to achieve financial sustainability. Organisations which implement excellent and highly needed projects in their neighbourhood for many years, often lack key competences in the field of secure and constant financing. Knowledge and competences in the acquisition of monetary and material resources have to be expanded and strengthened urgently. The local or  ganisations are expressing the wish to gain competences which help them to improve their strategies and practices of financing, e.g. in the field of foundations and fundraising.

Camp Group advocates its expertise in the field of organisation and project management through the new consulting project “fundraising qualification”. We actively support the non-profit sector in its goal to achieve sustainability. Altogether we consult 13 local organisations.

The goal is to empower the organisations to cope with the challenges of financing and to secure sustainable structures and finances during times of a constantly changing landscape of sponsors and fundraising. Those organisations provide valuable and indispensable support to the local community and it is crucial to secure their essential contributions. Therefore, we are going to work together in the upcoming two years to establish needed competences and strategies. Our consultancy aims to strengthen and stabilise the independence and sustainability of the organisations. The key elements of the consulting projects are strategies of financing, sustainable project implementation and impact improvement.

During the kick-off event in the beginning of April, a first analysis of individual needs was developed. Further the participants of the project had the chance to network between each other and to inform themselves about the platforms betterplace.org and Youvo, thanks to the attendance and presentation of those two organisations during the event. The start of the project has been a great success. We are all motivated to secure sustainability and improve impact together and are looking forward to the collaborative work in the upcoming months.  

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We sincerely thank the Quartiersmanagements Center Kreuzberg / Oranienstraße who made this essential consultancy project possible through their support.

For further information about the project and support on securing sustainability of non-profit organisations please contact Camp Group:


Kick-off of a new charity consulting concept: sustainability and impact improvement in the non-profit sector of Kreuzberg