On November 8, the closing event of our project “Sustainability and Impact Enhancement in the Nonprofit Sector” took place in the Kreuzberg Aquarium in Skalitzer Straße. The focus of the event was the question of how networking can contribute to the improvement of project work and to better funding opportunities.

Once again, our guest speakers have enriched the program with dedication and high professional competence. Anne Stalfort from ArbeiterKind e.V. brought the participants closer to basic and in-depth networking. Andreas Weiland from Sozialhelden e.V. then shared his experiences in campaign and communication management.

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In the following small group work, solutions for the nonprofits’ individual challenges were worked out. Questions such as “What needs to be taken into account when setting up a campaign?”, “Which target groups are we addressing?” or “How can different communication channels/tools work together effectively?” were the focus of the event.

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In the project “Sustainability and Impact Enhancement in the Nonprofit Sector”, CamP Group works with participants to develop skills and strategies to put their work on a long-term financial and structural footing. The facilities for the residents and a livable Kreuzberg can thus be maintained and expanded. In the second part of the project in 2018, we will implement a series of 5 AGs together with the non-profit institutions to deepen the main topics. The project is financed by the QM Zentrum Kreuzberg and Soziale Stadt.

Networking & Communication for Nonprofits in Kreuzberg