Company Charter
Entry in the Commercial Register (HRB 147943 B) Certificate of Common Good

The documents above are translated from the original German, and hold no legal weight. They are for guidance purposes only, and CamP Project Group takes no legal responsibility for errors in translation.

Initiative for a Transparent Civil Society

We at CamP Group gGmbH put a high value on transparency!

For this reason we have committed ourselves to place the following information in the public realm. We made this decision on the 20th March 2014 within the context of the Initiative for a Transparent Civil Society. We would be happy to provide electronic or hard copy versions of these documents. Please just ask!

1. Name, Base, Address and Year of Foundation

  • Name: CamP Project Group
  • Base: Berlin
  • Address: c/o Fairnopoly, Glogauer Straße 21, 10999 Berlin, Deutschland
  • Year of Foundation: 2012

2. Issues of Incorporation and general overview of the goals of the organisation

3. Reduced-Tax liability

  • The CamP Project Group is according to the last valid certification (valid until 31.12.2017) of the Finance Office for Corporations I Berlin as of the 01.09.2014 recognised as an organisation for the common good. Our Tax Number is27/611/04024.

4. Name and function of significant decision-makers

  • Managing Director: Dr. Heather Cameron
  • Legal representation and procuration: Janine Rosenheinrich

5. Activity Report 2013

  • Implementation of RespAct pilot projects in Munich and Hamburg, with support from local Partners.
  • Documentary piece about RespAct in Berlin-Kreuzberg from Arte-Xenius
  • Implementation of Corporate Volunteering Programme pilot project
  • Development and Implementation of a lecture module at the TU Munich about Sport and Community Development
  • Foundation of the gGmbH
  • Recruitment and Hiring of the first two permanent employees.
  • Organisational participant in an exchange with Ashoka Poland, part of the foundation of a Social Leadership Project for Poland.
  • Presentations at Sport Accord and the World Combat Games.
  • Consultation for and participation in the Transformation and Development through Sport (TADS) conference with the GIZ.
  • Development of a website in partnership with the GIZ in order to expand access to the RespAct course modules.
  • 50 times as many donations received as the year before.
  • Organisational Participation in the UN Sport for Development and Peace Camps in Qatar, Sweden and South Korea.
  • Organisation of a symposium at the Leuphana University in Lüneburg in cooperation with Prof. Henschel, comparative education.
  • Hosting of the China Delegation of the GIZ at the Social Impact Lab in Berlin, in order to demonstrate our project as a model project of social innovation.

6. Organigram

7. & 8.

9. Corporate relationships with third parties

  • the CamP Project Group is an independent Corporation for the Common Good with limited liability (gGmbH)

10. Names of indiviuals and companies whose annual payments make up more than 10% of the total annual budget of the Organisation

  • The Bosch Stiftung
  • Berliner Senat
  • PriceWaterhouse Coopers
  • The Coca-Cola Stiftung
  • An anonymous private donor


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