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Dr. Heather Cameron is the founder and CEO of the CamP Group gGmbH. In 2010, she was honoured by the German Association of University Professors with the prize ‘University Professor of the Year’ for her work in education at the Freie Universität Berlin. She was also selected as an Ashoka Fellow by the Ashoka: Social Innovators for the Public and received the Young Leaders Award from the BMW Herbert Quandt Foundation. As a social entrepreneur, Cameron works around the world for girls’ education and rights. She leads projects for refugee children in German cities, designs girls’ primary school leadership programmes in the townships of Cape Town and, as an international gender and education expert for the German Development Cooperation, runs workshops and creates curriculum tools for the Ministry of Education in Afghanistan. Cameron also consults with leading foundations and organisations on social impact assessment strategies. Since 2016 she is the Michael B. Kaufman Professor of Practice in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Brown School, the Washington University, in St. Louis.

Cameron uses her extensive experience and deep understanding of organizational development and innovation as mentor of the CamP Group. She contributes significantly to the effective and strategic development of the organization and the projects with her innovative ideas.


Strategic leadership (i.a.):


Boxgirls Internation

Multiplication of best practices

Sommer Institute (2017)

Conference „Migration and the public space“ (2017)

Girls’ sports-Curriculum development for the GIZ in Afghanistan (2015/16)






Further Information:

TEDx talk in Berlin

BMW Young Leaders Award

Development and Cooperation