Lisa has worked for CamP Group since July 2015. She graduated from the Free University Berlin in educational science in 2012 and is currently finishing her M.A. Her main focus of study is theoretical and empirical work on social inequality as well as the political and pedagogical demands and ideas for higher equity developing from the academic field. She wants to fight for an increase in social equity, for equal opportunities of education and therefore participation in society. She hopes to encourage children and youngsters to stand up for their future dreams and support them to realise their plans. Since 2011 Lisa has a big passion for South Africa after she spent 3 months in Cape Town for an internship as part of her Bachelor degree. Two years later she went to study one semester of her Master degree at the University of Cape Town and broadened her academic focus on social inequalities in the South African educational system and society, as well as future perspectives of socially disadvantaged children and youth. During her study she gained work experience in several research projects as well as various pedagogical organizations focusing on working with refugees and migrants.At CamP Group Lisa supports Boxgirls International and especially Boxgirls South Africa. She loves dance workouts and all water sports. She hasn’t tried boxing yet, but it is on her list and she is looking forward to training sessions with her colleagues.

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